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Juhayna - Part 3 - The Monsters Cave
Feb. 27, 2023
Islam Abdallah
Fiction: Thriller
Juhayna, the city of oddities and wondrous events.. An interesting series in 3 parts full of adventures.. After which you will see the world differently!!

You are now too close to discover the truth..
But the cover designer: Ahmed Al-Sabbagh,
unfortunately, your task is not that easy..
In front of you, a big journey full of surprises until you reach
The desert in the south.. and to the cave that hides
Secrets for thousands of years.. What happened in the cave?!
Who is behind everything that happens in Juhayna? what is
The reason for that?! Will the oddities end with the end of this journey?! I suspect...
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It's a series consists of 3 parts:
Juhayna 1 (The City of Strangers)
Juhayna 2 (The Town Ghost)
Eman Atef
Nahdet Misr Publishing House
phone: 01060770170
21 Ahmed Orabi St.,, Mohandiseen, Giza, Egypt, Giza, 12411
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