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Blood Vermilion
Nov. 17, 2022
Vincent Lavin
Fiction: Thriller
The conceit is this: Dr. Vincent Lavin, a psychiatrist, embarks on an investigation of a serial killer and the novel is shaped as his memoir. (The supernatural/sci-fi aspect of the novel is in the form of the Rougarou, Louisiana’s werewolf.)

In 2008, a serial killer known as “The Cajun Cannibal” brutally murders and consumes the flesh of eight people in a small south Louisiana parish. With law enforcement closing in on their killer, Henri Elton Judice, the deranged game warden takes his own life, before he can ever see the inside of a courtroom.

Ten years later, after discovering his blood ties to the infamous killer, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Vincent Lavin begins a routine case study into the sociopathy behind his murderous cousin and his grisly deeds. But as he untangles the truth from the lies, he finds a torrent of interracial family dynamics, small town politics, and whispers of the supernatural muddying the once clear waters. He’s soon thrust into the middle of his own investigation, staking his life, his family, and his own sanity.

And when monsters both figurative and literal begin to manifest, Dr. Lavin discovers that uncovering the truth is only the beginning of his nightmare.

Told through the pages of Dr. Vincent Lavin’s case study memoir, this union of true crime and psychological horror/sci fi is the ultimate work of genre literary fiction that will leave your heart racing.
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