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Bag Man
Nov. 14, 2022
Ken Sanzel
Digital: Fiction: Mystery/Crime
A fast-paced and very commercial, by a very well-connected Hollywood insider.

In a city where corruption is the primary engine of justice, John is the man who oils the gears. Ex-cop and ex-con, he's the go-between, delivering payoffs from criminal gangs to systemically corrupt cops. Believing that he can maintain his own unique moral code as a middle-man beholden to no one, murder and conspiracy will shatter his illusions of control and send him on a violent, crooked trail toward redemption or ruin…
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Ken Sanzel is a ten-year veteran of the New York City Transit Police Department (where he worked Times Square in the crack-infested ‘80s and the nationally known Decoy Squad in the ‘90s) and was a recipient of the department's Combat Cross. He is a former Military Policeman, and the one-time owner of a SoHo art gallery. Ken segued from law enforcement into filmmaking when Savoy Pictures gave him a three-picture screenwriting deal in 1995.

Ken is best known for his work in television and film. He has written numerous screenplays and television pilots and series episodes, as well having been the executive producer and showrunner on such series as “Blue Bloods,” “Numb3rs,” “NYC 22,” “Nomads,” and “Ironside,” among others.
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