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WOKE JESUS: The False Messiah Destroying Christianity
Sept. 26, 2022
Lucas Miles
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"In this bold, analytical, and readable book, Miles names names and dismantles the fallacy of progressive Christianity."
— Eric Metaxas, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and Host of the Nationally Syndicated Eric Metaxas Radio Show


According to Luca Miles, for today’s Christian Left, Jesus is only useful to the degree that His behavior aligns with liberal “morals” that support a progressive view of race, gender, and sexuality. This Jesus will need to be Woke.

Like all heresy, Woke Christianity is rooted in an element of truth, (as in God’s opposition to injustice), but encapsulates this truth with a convincing web of antibiblical ideology and extremism. As such, scripture is either downgraded, stripped of its authority, or frequently ignored, as personal experience, like suffering or oppression and personal enlightenment take center stage in crafting Woke theology.

WOKE JESUS argues that few institutions are responsible for unifying the nation more than the Church. As such, it’s imperative, both spiritually for the sake of the lost and geo-politically for the sake of global freedom, that orthodox Christianity prove true. For these reasons, every Christian should take seriously their role in pushing back the darkness of Wokeism and Critical Theory in all of its forms. For those requiring some practical examples of how to get started, here are some ideas:

1. Don’t Attend a Woke Church.

2. Know What Your Child Is Being Taught in School.

3. Support a Conservative Candidate or Run for Office.

4. Serve in a Helps Ministry.

5. Plant Yourself in a Local Church.

Miles has spent years touring the country and warning of the dangers of “The Christian Left” and in In WOKE JESUS: Saving America from a False Messiah, he provides guidance and a message of action and hope:

> Don’t ignore the problems within the church.

> Grow in the truth of God’s word and expand your understanding of solid orthodox theology.

> Refuse to allow your anger at the enemy to dilute your love for people.

> Be bold in sharing your faith with others.

> Remember truth and love are the keys to avoiding every error.

> Most importantly, don’t give up the fight - the church's best days are still ahead.
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