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Deadly Driver
July 18, 2022
J.K. Kelly
Digital: Fiction: Thriller
Jetting off to Monte Carlo... speeding through the tight turns of a mountain road en route to an evening at the casinos…what could be more exhilarating? After racing in a GP, Formula One driver Bryce Winters boards a luxury yacht to bask in the limelight and mingle with celebrities, only to find a gun to his head. From the verdant hills of Vermont to some of the world’s most powerful cities, Winters is thrust into improbable adventure, riveting intrigue, and elusive romance. The question remains: can he navigate around the dead-ends in a maze of CIA manipulation and entrapment—or will he fall prey to the sinister forces of underworld intelligence? Another championship, an elusive love interest, and his freedom are the goal.
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Lisa Andreola
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