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The Healing Stone
Aug. 9, 2022
John Newton
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Soldiers from a future war went back to 3188 B.C. to alter events and avert bloodshed, but they got stuck there. Over the centuries, they’ve altered Earth’s history disguised as gods or worked secretly under cover of shadows. Now, in A.D. 1212, they intend to manipulate our timeline, hoping to create a utopia. But the Sittiri fear that continued intervention will disrupt the continuum and destroy Earth. As the war escalates, the Sittiri discover Francisco; a young boy predicted to be “One of Six” who will end the war. Each faction strives to recruit him without killing him or ripping apart time.

"What would you do with a stone that heals anything? Make money? Keep yourself alive? Keep your family alive? I have that stone, a simple-looking thing. It’s been in my family for generations. My father told me to do no harm lest I break the charm. My father’s dead. My mother, too. My uncle would kill for this stone. He has killed for it. He tried to kill me for it. So, I ran. I live on the streets of Toledo to stay in the shadows and heal as many as I can.
But they found me—the ones who created the stone.”
~ Francisco, Medieval Spain.
Year of our Lord 1212
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