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June 22, 2022
Cory Gunkel
Fiction: Debut
Taylor Robins was more famous than the president in his hometown at the age of 17.

The most heralded high school football player in Mississippi history electrifies people on and off the field, but when he immediately flames out at the college level, this former superstar realizes the pinnacle of his existence coincided with the time he was taking driver’s ed. After moving back home, Taylor meets Charles De Charneaux, a high-ranking Dixie Mafia lackey who fondly remembers him from his high school glory days. The two strike up a quick friendship and Charles slowly indoctrinates Taylor into the seedy underbelly of the Gulf Coast, where the man who drunkenly stumbles over his own shoes at the roulette table is the same man who can nod his head and have your wife slumped prostrate in a pool of her own blood.

Taylor becomes intertwined with the unorganized crime syndicate while simultaneously trying to carve out a hapless political career to revive his lost legacy. What starts at simply collecting money orders soon morphs into high-speed highway chases and traveling carnival mime murder as Taylor tumbles deeper into the Cornbread Cosa Nostra. But when Charles asks Taylor to be the driver for a murder, he must contemplate just how far he’s willing to go to soak up that feeling of invincibility that once sluiced through his veins. An accidental run-in with the potential victim proves the assassination attempt may hit closer to home than Taylor first realized, and he’s forced to make a decision: let fear envelop his being, or let it be a guide to get out of the Dixie Mafia for good.

This 62,000-word literary fiction novel showcases the absurdity and hilarity of grasping at relevancy in a world that slowly forgets you exist. It's a bleak modern Southern Gothic set in an ephemeral and underexplored Gulf Coast world that explodes into life amid the tension of moving on or staying where you're comfortable forever.
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