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June 22, 2022
Christina Givot
Non-fiction: Memoir
Likened to Mormon and Scientology, intrigue in Jehovah’s Witness has captured the minds and hearts of a global following, including Hollywood’s A-list celebrities such as Prince and Michael Jackson who are given tribute in the novel.

The words “I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses” became the sole identifier of Peña at an early age. A happy and obedient child, she heeded the advice of her mother to get baptized. Overcome by jitters, she looked out at the stands of Dodger Stadium, where fifty thousand onlookers cheered her on. She took her place inside the baptismal pool unaware that in that moment of immersion the stakes had become gravely high.

Confused by her parents' polarized life-views, missing her three older siblings, and losing her dog Fatty to a more functional family, something was bound to give. When at twenty-three, still unmarried and having lost her virginity, she became consumed with guilt and attempted to commit suicide. Seeking help from the Elder Body proved a costly mistake. Accused of being a threat to the sheepfold, she would be cast out of the congregation and labeled a “disfellowshipped person” for the sin committed. Shunned by the congregation and disowned by her own blood, Peña isolated. Fearful of everything and everyone and ill-equipped to live in society — mental illness soon ensued.

It would not be until her thirties, as a single-mother with a daughter of her own, that Peña vowed to raise her child differently. Proving at any age it is possible to release oneself of the chains of grief, self-doubt, fear, and that letting go is a small cost to pay for the peace that comes with emotional, mental, and spiritual freedom. This is the story which shows even a delicate flower can bloom forth from a crack in the concrete streets of Los Angeles.

I am a self-made woman, mother of one, currently residing in Laguna Beach California.
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Christina Givot
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