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Los días perfectos / Perfect Days
June 13, 2022
Jacobo Bergareche
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A unique and captivating novel that explores the universal nature of both the ardor of falling in love and the inevitable routine of long-term relationships, while at the same time reflects on how one should live to make every day count.

In "Perfect Days", Jacobo Bergareche explores the evolution and different phases of love relationships. Departing from Luis’s (the narrator) confessional account, who thanks to his brief encounters with Camila revives the spark he has lost with his wife Paula, the novel portrays the longing and illusion of the lover in contrast to the experience of a monotonous daily life, and how our emotional state changes our perception of the passage of time and reality.

The author places as a mirror of this story the correspondence between William Faulkner and his lover Meta, where a transformation of the affair they maintained can also be seen. As in the case of Luis’s marriage, it goes from passion and complicity to tedium and apathy.
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World except: Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch and Serbian
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Spanish, Italian,German, Dutch and Serbian
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- Special mention at the 2022 European Union Prize for Literature.
- In many lists of Best Books of 2021 (El País, El confidencial, Telva...)
- English sample available (full English translation expected for September 2022)
- Full Italian text available
Bernat Fiol
SalmaiaLit, Literary Agency
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