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Memoirs of a Haunted Hmong Girl
Apr. 28, 2022
Moon Vang
Digital: Fiction: New Adult
Manee has a "red mouth”; a term used to chastise outspoken, rebellious young women in the Hmong culture. Yet lately, her voice has grown small and quiet. It all started when she woke up from a Separation Ceremony. She was told she had succumbed to a soul-snatching Dragon Spirit. But it wasn’t just any dragon; it was a Dragon Prince. Though dazed and confused, she was also relieved to see the welcoming faces of her family and…husband?

Who is this stoic man and when did they get married? She recalled no such memories, but respecting tradition and her parents' wishes, she chose to honor their marriage and returned to their home in the isolated outskirts of town. Manee attempts to start life anew, trying to fit back into the old, normal life she had, just being who everyone keeps telling her she was, with the guidance of her husband who seemed to have secrets of his own, hidden beneath his cold gazes and ever-changing moods.

Despite how much Manee tried to fit in, she can’t brush past this aching feeling that there’s more to the quiet walls of their seemingly perfect home. The cold grey sky, the constant rain, the eerie forest beyond, and even the strange girl in Hmong clothes who plagues the edge of the trees. The more the rain shrouds their lonely home, the more secrets become uncovered, leading Manee down a path of self-discovery, spirituality, and a haunting love story strong enough to rattle all the realms and all the stars.
Moon Vang
Moon Artist LLC
St. Paul, MN 55106
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