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The Fry Pans Aren't Sufficing
Mar. 11, 2022
Peyton Burgess
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This collection of short stories, told through a strikingly unique voice, follows a variety of characters navigating the strange and surreal worlds of natural disaster and displacement, lost love, death, work, and childbirth across different settings such as New Orleans, New York City, Chicago, and Hawaii. The book’s surreal tone has become popular with audiences who are fans of comedic dramas. What makes this IP unique and authentic is that the stories are loosely autobiographical from the author's own experiences. The stories are gritty and heavy, but also funny, strange, and surprising. The short story format provides a solid foundation for episodic content or development as a limited series. What makes these characters compelling is that though they are hapless or wrong at times, they are also loveable, quirky, and resilient in the face of trauma, making them ripe for layered, character-driven content on screen.
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Published by Lavender Ink
Kristina Sutton Lennon
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