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The Gift and the Crown (Western drama / Romance)
Mar. 10, 2022
Jerry Kuttler
Fiction: General/Other
Jeremy had to go to his Uncle Jim's funeral. He had to honor the man who had taught him so much
about horses and life in general. A man of influence was how Jeremy remembered Jim. Even in his
death, Jim was bigger than life. The way he dealt with people and horses had been a gift sent from heaven above. Jeremy knew from all of Jim's teachings that he could also be a phenomenal horse whisperer and knew he had to share his talent with others. This talent was a gift only a few others who really loved horses possessed at the time. Jeremy wondered what other doors this gift might open for him as he auditioned for the Foreman position at the E & J Stud Farm owned by Esmira, a beautiful woman and confidant of his uncle Jim.

While working together to make a success of the E & J Stud Farm Jeremy and Esmira enlist the help of
the Davis girls, Audra, Margret, and Kim. The Davis sisters become an intricate part of the plan in building their dream for the farm. Kim building her talents as a seamstress sets her sights on a new vision for herself and her family. This vision takes her from the sprawling mountains of Big Horn, Wyoming across the sea to England where she creates new designs for the woman wearing the crown, Queen Elizabeth herself. Follow Kim on her journey across the world and watch what happens after her return to Wyoming and her family who resides at the E & J Stud farm.
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Jerry Kuttler is a Colorado native with a passion for horses and the Wild West. He grew up in Aurora, Colorado where he used to ride his horse, Honey, on the Backroads. There is nothing more satisfying than a happy horse. This book is meant to share the happiness that finding your passion can bring. Jerry now lives with his wife in Iowa, but his roots and fondest memories are planted in the west.
Diana Appleseed
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