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Dead Poetry (Poetry)
June 22, 2022
Joe E. Amaral
Fiction: Thriller
Have you ever been scared of poetry? Of course not you're tough. Don't like swearing then don't go to coffee shops or out of your house. Look if you want a ride and not get scared then this book is not for you, because you always obey the rules, tsk, tsk you poor thing. Welcome to brain candy it's better than sex ! Come read the profanity of insanity! You might end up learning something that you never knew before.
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About The Author

• Mr. Joe E. Amaral is on disability due to back problems, and bipolar disorder.

• Joe finished College studies and received a Freelance Writing Diploma for completing a course at home.

• Joe has written 5 books in total and all are published. His most recent book is a book called: Letters
to And from Heidi (Mein Schatz) This book is about Heidi and his biography.

• Joe thinks people should read samples of books so they can decide which books they would want to read.

• About Joe being a who’s who in America. Joe is still trying to be a who’s who in Canada. Joe writes
therefore Joe tries to publish when Joe is content with what Joe created.

• Joe is Canadian but he seems to publish in America. If readers are open-minded at reading. Dead Poetry
readers should feel that they had a satisfying read, but if you don’t like comedy and horror then Joe
has no idea what to tell you. A lot of truths may show up in jest.
Diana Appleseed
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