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A Slip Cog
Feb. 26, 2022
Randall C. Von Hartman
Digital: Fiction: General
In an incredible, cataclysmic journey through the bleakness of the modern-day depression era, Marten Cogg (a.k.a. the Reverend Marten Medley) goes from the pulpit to the pews. Along the way, he recruits the help of an unlikely cast of friends and disenfranchised misfits, with whom he invents a yarn while pulling the wool over the eyes of his followers. In an all too existent landscape of dejection and desolation, Marten might just discover the purpose of his own life.

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Von Hartman, a descendant of Irish and German ancestry, was a world traveler from early on in life. He continued the tradition of continent and country leaping as adulthood unexpectedly fell upon him. He had attended and/or worked for at least five colleges and/or universities, which are peppered on these global landmasses, and is most notably chronicled on Pub Med for his scientific research when he was employed in the College of Medicine, Department of Physiology at the University of Arizona (an institute he also attended and studied various disciplines). This may be the work most readily recognized and perhaps respected by those pompous left-brain types, but Von Hartman also tries to appeal to the pompous right-brain dominant types with his poetry, prose, and, most recently, short fiction.
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