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The Dark Legend of the Foreigner
Feb. 24, 2022
Frank DeStefano
Digital: Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
In 17th century Japan, a battle between the shoguns and the Lees raged for a lengthy period of time. The shoguns wanted the Lees to come join their elite army, but the Lees remained neutral and peaceful people. After much harassing, the husband and wife became supreme warriors. The Lees began killing whatever shoguns threatened them. After a particularly violent, gruesome battle with the shoguns, the Lees disappeared into the Oakla Mountains for about twenty years . The mastermind, an ancient wizard siding with the shoguns, commanded what was left of the shoguns to patrol the mountains of Oakla trying to find the Lees. Decades would pass.

In those twenty long years, the Lees raised a son who would become known as “the Master.” Phenomenal genetics would breed an individual who became a far better warrior and stronger fighter then both of his parents put together. In the Master’s infantile years, the mother and father went up on the mountains of Oakla, similar to Moses’ summoning of God, where they asked their God for a sacrifice. He answered, and in return of this sacrifice, he would give their extraordinary son, the Master, the power of immortality in the form of Five Scrolls of Terror. Their God asked for the skin from their baby’s head, a threatening request, but would ultimately create a child who would grow into that of the Master: the Skulled Warrior.

As the Lees returned from Oakla on that twentieth or so year, they got ambushed and killed—an attack decades in the making. When the Master found the bodies of his parents, he naturally flew into a blind rage and killed many shoguns, slaughtering anyone who stood in his way. As he battled on Oakla Mountain, his scrolls disappeared off the mountain and were never seen again. As the Master went to the end of Oakla searching for the ancient wizard for retribution, he came across an ancient hut, and inevitably the wizard and the Master did battle. The Master would ultimately kill the wizard, but he would put a curse on the Master that would remain with the Master for nearly four hundred years. As the Master’s statue, which in reality was the curse turning him to stone, was moved by cult followers and believers, it eventually found its way to New Amsterdam, which as we know, would evolve into present-day New York City.

An adventure unfolds as the Master awakens after a four-hundred-year slumber, masked as a mysterious piece of art, to deal with our current world as we know it. And so begins The Dark Legend of The Foreigner.
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I am Frank A. DeStefano, author of The Dark Legend of The Foreigner. I had come up with this idea watching Eight heads in a duffle bag with Joe Pesci. I wasn’t a fan of the movie, and from then on, I hand-wrote it back in 1996-1998 in mead hardcover notebooks. I didn’t do anything until after my divorce, in 2013 where I focused on The Dark Legend and wrote three more manuscripts, all on my computer. After being verbally abused by my ex, it gave me ease and comfort and turned me into the good person I am today.
Without The Dark Legend, I don’t know what I would be today. The Dark Legend is me and is an amazing story that deserves a home and to be marketed and hopefully given movie weather on Netflix or a big-screen debut. It is why I continue to write and think of many different plots and characters. I am also a family fan, with a son who is 12, and he would love to see a movie as well, as a lot of friends and family would love to see it too. If ever accepted, I am sure Coca-Cola, whom I work for, would love to market it for a writer they have working for them. So many of these things I thought about over time as well. I am getting re-married in the fall to my wonderful fiance after my first marriage disaster. Everyone deserves to find happiness, no matter what.
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