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The Black Dungeon Doorway
Feb. 23, 2022
Kyle Proudfoot
Digital: Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
The Black Dungeon Doorway is a scifi/fantasy novel that I, Kyle Lance Proudfoot, have written. It is a romping metaphysical exploration through worlds with 4 characters: Orthe, Wodora, Aera, and Pyre. With technological devices and psychic/magical abilities they go through worlds progressing through planes of existence. Conveniently this happens via blinking portals with sensoric panoramas opening up. Throughout their Quest they battle, think, talk, psychically communicate, conquer, discover the nature of reality. The storyline leads them to a greater discovery of their god-like heroic nature. In the stunning conclusion there is a higher realization of the true and powerful super energy level of reality!
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About the author

● Project's and Hobby's

● Next to IT I have a lot of knowledge and work experience in Literature, Music, Art, Films, 3D Games, Internet, Multimedia, Entertainment and Social Media to develop projects independently or with others to make Open Source and/or Retail products.

● My hobbies are diverse: Literature, Film, Music, Art, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Photography, Video, Philosophy, Psychology, Politics, Space Travel, Biking, Nature, The Free Show, 3D Games, 3D Game Development, Information Technology, Open Source, Cooking.

● http://www.silverlingo.com – almost all of my multimedia projects and hobbies.

● http://www.planesofexistence.eu – dedicated to my writing.

● Domain Names: silverlingo.com, silverlingo.eu, planesofexistence.com, planesofexistence.eu, theblackdungeondoorway.com, theblackdungeondoorway.eu, thedooroflight.com, thedooroflight.eu, dooroflight.com, dooroflight.eu, thefreeshow.com, kylelanceproudfoot.com, kylelanceproudfoot.eu, x-machine.eu, thex-machine.eu. Some are for sale. See For Sale at Silverlingo.com.

● IT and Administrative Skill's

● I have years of knowledge and work experience at a very good level in the following:

● Custom PHP CMS developed version 1.5 at Bunka Shishu Art, Hollandse Markten CMS, PHP 5, phpMyAdmin 5, MySQL 5, Apache 2, XAMPP 1.7, WAMP, CSS 2, HTML 4, XHTML, Javascript, ActionScript 2, Magento Webshop CE, Adobe CS4, Adobe CS2, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Photoshop Elements 7, Adobe Flash 8, Adobe Premiere Elements 4, Acrobat Reader 6-9, Dreamweaver 8, IE 5-11, Edge, FF 2-15, Chrome 10-73, Google, AdSense, Analytics, Social Media's (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube), Online Marketing, Internet, Tools and Software, Server and Client Security, Microsoft Servers up to 2000, Microsoft Clients up to Windows 10, System Administration, Hardware, Wireless Hardware, 2D/3D Graphic Design, Multimedia, Entertainment, Office 2000-2007, Word 2010, ASP, MS Access, ASP CMS and Forum made.

● General Skill's and References

● English: Mother language, Dutch: Excellent, German and French: Reading below average.
● In addition to the above I also have years of knowledge and work experience in the Dutch workplace and have developed my office, social and communication skills to a very good level.
● Reference: Dhr. Dirk K. Blom at Hollandse Markten: haagsedirk@hotmail.com .
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