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Immunità comune
Mar. 29, 2022
Roberto Esposito
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One of the most unexpected effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it has reconfigured
long-term ethical-political dilemmas in a totally new way. It has accelerated the connection – which has been ongoing for a while – between technification and immunization, objectively weakening the political dimension. In this book, Roberto Esposito traces many of the questions on the agenda – the relationship between right to life and right to freedom; the state of exception and the state of emergency; the relationship between science, technology, and politics; competition and inequality in the purchase of vaccines – back to the paradigm of immunization, which, in a certain way, constitutes its horizon of meaning.
The ongoing biopolitical – or better, immuno-political – turning point is studied from two perspectives that are different but, ultimately, convergent. The first regards democracy,
which for a while now has taken the form of an immunological democracy, a selfprotective
and sometimes excluding configuration it assumes against those whose presumed equality it does not recognize. The other point of view regards the very re-elaboration of the concept of biopolitics in light of the new biological interpretations of immunity, also concerning their relevance in philosophy and politics. What emerges is the problematic relationship between the two sides (legal-political and medical-biological) of immunization and the need to reconstruct a relationship between biopolitics and the role the institutions. To date, this has been impossible due to an inadequate interpretation of each of them.
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