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The Power of Podcasting: Telling stories through sound
Feb. 21, 2022
Sioban McHugh
Non-fiction: General/Other
Podcasting is hailed for its intimacy and authenticity in an age of mistrust and disinformation.

And while it is relatively easy to make a podcast, it is much harder to make a great one.

In The Power of Podcasting, award-winning podcast producer and leading international audio scholar Siobhán McHugh provides a unique blend of practical insights into, and critical analysis of, the invisible art of audio storytelling. Packed with case studies, history, tips and techniques from the author’s four decades of experience, this original book brings together a wealth of knowledge to introduce you to the seductive world of sound.

If you’ve ever said you want to start a podcast, this is the book you need to understand the craft, the history and the power of creating meaningful stories through sound.
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