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Feb. 18, 2022
Springs Toledo
Non-fiction: True crime
From Springs Toledo:

Three years ago, I set out to find a ghost whose life and crimes were only whispers in Winter Hill. What I found is startling. Joe McDonald (1917-1997), a World War II combat veteran, Teamster, and the father of five, was also a major figure in the Boston underworld. “He killed at least 30 people,” one of his enforcers told me. “But never anybody didn’t need killing.” Shrouded in mystery, he stands at the origin of the Winter Hill Gang in the 1950s and was the bogeyman in Boston’s infamous Gangland War of the 1960s. In 1976, he made the FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitives list and was still active in the early 1990s. His story, left alone for good reason, is haunted by a question: What drove him to become what he became? His daughter’s story, which reads like a transformational memoir, is haunted by his. Wheelchair-bound and living under an assumed name far from Massachusetts, she revisits the trauma, crime, and chaos her father bequeathed and reveals his secrets.
Don’t Talk About Joe Mac is more than half-finished and promises to be unlike anything encountered before. The research behind it departs from the official narrative built around James “Whitey” Bulger. Primary sources from the underworld itself have been identified through channels; the interviews are ongoing and not without risk.
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