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The New Academic: How to write, present and profile your amazing research to the world
Feb. 17, 2022
Simon Clews
Non-fiction: General/Other
What does it mean to be an academic in today's rapidly changing world?

As a new academic, you must be outstanding in your chosen field, able to write knock-out articles, speak with flair and wit, and share it all with your huge social media following. But how do you do all that?

In The New Academic, Simon Clews offers a wealth of practical advice on how to write and speak in an entertaining, informative and, above all, accessible way. He will also help you take care of the practicalities, the business if you like, of being a writer and communicator. Aimed at researchers at all levels of experience, this book will set you up with the basics of writing and speaking, then look at how to develop a public profile and gain traction online. It will show experts how to be front and centre in the public debate allowing the rest of us to benefit from their knowledge and make informed decisions about the things that matter.

Funny, lively and constructive, this is your hands-on guidebook to taking your amazing research and sharing it with the outside world.
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