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The Alignment Focused Life
Feb. 25, 2022
Brian Schneider PhD
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The Alignment Focused Life is a practical summary of 30 years of clinical practice with examples of actual clients that may help depression, anxiety, drug addiction, marital problems, debts and parenting problems. This book will explain how the alignment of NEXT and MORE is contributing too many divorces, parenting problems, financial difficulties and drug addiction. When that unhealthy alignment is replaced with healthy alignment, healing can occur.
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Brian Schneider - lives near Palm Beach, Florida. He has been a psychologist in Florida for 25 years and taught at Indian River State College and Indiana University. As a psychologist, he treated addictions, adult and children's mental health issues and also did psychological testing. He wrote a book in 2011 on junk food addiction, the nation's number one addiction. This web site "the alignment focused life" is a compilation of practicing for 25 years and the information contained in the blogs helped directors from the White House, Nike and many major corporations. Dr. Schneider survived a stroke and 5 month coma in 2008 and lost 200 pounds. He was able to regain his license to practice and today he is very healthy from following the recommendations on this web
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