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Lessons from Life
Feb. 25, 2022
Phoolmatee Dubay
Digital: Non-fiction: Advice
Lessons from Life: This is a personal account of overcoming issues with a mental illness and chemical dependency at the same time, in which the author gained experience, knowledge, understanding, purpose in life, and trust in others who helped with her recovery, healing, and transformation. Her lifestyle changes occurred because of her friends, family members, and professionals who believed she could improve her mental health by quitting her habits.
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Phoolmatee Dubay is a devoted woman to helping others through her poetry by sharing her insight and experience. Her way of helping others is through writing additional books, which she intends to publish within the following year. Her faith is very strong because she believes God had a hand in helping her through the difficulties associated with the uncertainties with her health. She is very close to her friends, siblings, relatives, and others in her life.
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