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Men, Wars, & Sex of the 60”s
Feb. 25, 2022
Lowell Hamilton
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This book offers life in the 1960’s; a time of unforgettable change. It gives a detailed look at assassinations, war in the Congo, the sexual revolution, and politics. History entwined with realistic fiction.
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Lowell Hamilton is a “baby boomer” having been born in 1944. Having lost his mother the day after he was born he is what is known as a “wire monkey”
FOREWORD In the late 1950s a researcher at the University of Wisconsin by the name of Don Harlow conducted a series of experiments using rhesus monkeys. The Rhesus Monkeys is a species of monkeys closest to humans. Doctor Harlow
used three infant male monkeys in his experiment. One young monkey was placed in a cage with his mother that fed and nurtured him. The second monkey was placed in a cage with only a feeding bottle attached to a soft foam rubber covered mother monkey. The third monkey was placed in a cage with a feeding bottle attached to a wire mommy. His experiment lasted a year where in each monkey was fed regularly, just different nurturing. At the end of one year he released all three monkeys into a cage with other monkeys of the same species but varying ages and sex. The first monkey adjusted somewhat normally to the new surroundings and piers. At various times he would cling to his mother for her nurturing and other times he would move out, experiment on his own, and communicate in various ways with the other monkeys. The second monkey was somewhat different and re- served. He searched the mature females as if he was looking for something, seemingly a need to be cuddled. The third monkey was totally different from the other two. He withdrew to corners of the cage and stayed alone. There were no normal behavior patterns detected. He isolated and his attempts to be with other monkeys were attempts at forced sex with young female monkeys. This is the story of a human wire monkey.
Hillbilly sensitive with a drive to succeed he joined the air force at the age of 17. To this point in his life he had not ever had a conversation with a black person and had never seen a live Mexican person. His grandmother refused to buy a television because she was convinced it was a “box from the devil”. Thus he became creative and imaginative at a early age, A favorite pastime with his childhood friend, Jimmy Hardin, they would tie a fish line to one of Jimmy’s mother’s purses and lay it beside the highway. When an unsuspecting person stopped to retrieve it they would pull the line and jerk the purse away.
He stumbled through high school convincing a history teacher to give him a D instead of an F so he could graduate.
He learned of deceit from an air force recruiter that lied to him about what category he should enlist under. It led to him being assigned as a cook instead of air traffic controller. This led to him getting assigned to a mess hall serving the women recruits and this led to many sexual encounters that he writes about. it also led to him getting assigned to a combat unit, U S Strike command that let him experience combat in the Congo.
After his discharge from the air force he lived in San Francisco with the flower children. He experienced the anti war protest from a spectator view, never participating. He attended Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hills, California and got a degree in Business and Creative Writing. He was then employed by a large insurance company and spent 25 years in the business. Upon selling his agency he travelled and ended up in Iquitos, Peru on the Amazon River. There he met a young jungle woman, married, had two children. His vast experience was enhanced here with spiritual shaman, journey’s on Ayahuasca, and trips through the rain forest. He recently moved to Brownsville, Texas with his wife and children and enjoys his past time at the beach, hiking, and writing. His book, “The South Won” and a book of his poetry, sayings, and photos is forthcoming.
Journey of Love
Take a seat beside me and I will take you to the moon
Do not sit in the back seat for you are my equal
Do not try to take the driver’s seat for I will not be driven
If along the way you decide you are not happy I will stop and you can step onto the nearest star.
Until that time let us travel blissfully together for we have but one journey to make and we must take pleasure in the view.
Lowell Hamilton
Diana Appleseed
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