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Love Notes: Single Hearts Affairs (Poetry)
Feb. 25, 2022
Twinkle Zaman
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This book is about truly a woman coming into her own. Navigating through life while dealing with her mind, body, and soul struggles. She was doing as she pleases instead of doing what society expects of a woman living unapologetically chasing love and chasing her dreams.

-It's not always a love affair with a man. Sometimes it's an affair with your own heart! Your struggles with the woman you are, the woman you want to become, and your journey in believing in something greater and bigger than yourself. What if we could love ourselves the way we pour love onto others? Come along and enjoy this time with yourself piece by piece.-
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Twinkle Zaman was born on November 9th, 1993 to a Mother who studied meteorology and a Father who worked in banking. Growing up in a traditional household, Twinkle longed to express how she could bridge her family traditions with her personal curiosity of the world outside her home. Her first exposure to writing came when Twinkle would journal life events she felt her peers couldn’t relate to. As she got older, Twinkle found writing was a therapeutic and healing experience for her.

While enrolled in college, Twinkle struggled with following her passion versus following a traditional career trajectory. During this time, she took a break from writing to evaluate what she truly wanted in life. In this hiatus, Twinkle found that writing was something she turned to when dealing with the highs and lows of her life. It dawned on Twinkle that writing was a way of self-discovery, and she realized her true calling was to pursue poetry and songwriting. Ultimately, Twinkle chose to step out of her comfort zone and to make writing the focus of her daily life.

In 2016, Twinkle made the leap to publish her collections with Xlibris Publishing Company. Her first book Transparent was released in August 2016 and was well received by readers across the United States. Her second book Twenty Something was published in April 2017. Twinkle has done various radio interviews with major stations such as WBZ 1030 CBS Boston, WTM 620 Milwaukee, and WCCO 830 CBS Minnesota. She is currently working on her third project.

While writing is her main priority, Twinkle continues to search for opportunities to expand this into her full-time profession. As her work evolves with new experiences and personal growth she aims to always be authentic, honest, and relatable to her readers. To learn more about Twinkle visit her website at www.twinklezaman.com.
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