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Don't Ask Me How I Feel- I Have MS
Feb. 4, 2022
Stephen F. Knapp
Digital: Non-fiction: Memoir
Don't Ask Me How I Feel - I Have MS is a memoire about a young affable male who had a very good life going for him in his early years. He was an excellent athlete in football, basketball, swimming and golf. At 14 he was one of the youngest radio announcers in the country working part time 30 hours a week. After high school he received a congressional appointment to attend the United States Air Force Academy, where he succeeded until his sickness caused him to be honorably discharged. He was given a scholarship at Utah State University and played golf for four years and earned a BS degree in Psychology and Sociology. After college Stephen chose golf as his career and followed his desires to become a golf professional and a member of the PGA.
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Stephen Foxall Knapp was probably the country's youngest radio disc jockey at age 14. Was accepted to US Air Force Academy, but was medically discharged after one year due to narcolepsy. Earned a BS double major in Psychology and Sociology from Utah State University. Ten years later he earned an MBA in business administration and marketing, and then ten years after that he earned a second masters, an MPA. Despite being overeducated and overworked, he has always had boundless energy. He learned to play the piano "by ear," never taking lessons or learning to read music. He still has a positive outlook, a dry sense of humour, and a desire to help others.
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