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The Mother Road: A Black-Market Baby, A Motorcycle, A Search for Real Across Un-United States
Feb. 3, 2022
Catherine Becker
Non-fiction: Memoir
After discovering she was a black-market adoptee, nineteen-year-old Cathy Morris sets off on her motorcycle across the United States to discover who she really is. The Mother Road is a memoir about identity as told through an adoptee’s search for her birth mother. In 1980, Cathy left the recessed, repressed, industrial hell hole of Buffalo on an orange Honda 400 motorcycle—that she wished was a Harley—in search of her Natural Mother, or at least, Mother Nature. Her quest led her to ride through radiation on the Navajo Nation, climb Mt. Fuji during a typhoon, and through the harsher side of paradise in Hawaii. Told in a poetic prose illuminated with insight, humor, and unforgettable characters, The Mother Road portrays an adoptee’s search to discover her origins and forge her own path that offers insight for anyone who has ever longed to know where they belong and who they truly are.
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Catherine Becker
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