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Mark's Journey to the West
Feb. 25, 2022
Hugo Luke
Non-fiction: Biography
After World War II and the Communist Revolution in China, Mark's father, H. Thomas Luke, a graduate of Yenching University in Beijing, escaped with his wife Deanna, daughter Shelley, and son Hugo to Hong Kong where he taught English and wrote newspaper articles. The Luke's relocated to Okinawa to a job with the CIA. Mark graduated with honors and played football, winning a scholarship to Trinity College where he met many college friends during the Civil Rights and VietNam War Era. Like the great Chinese classic "Journey To the West," he traveled extensively in the US and Western Europe. His writing is about his many encounters and he offers many interesting insights into characters he met along the way. The novel is light-hearted and can easily adapt into a film or television program.
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Luke Hugo incessantly worked for 28 years in creating hardware solutions to climate change. Apart from that, he spends days trying to raise venture capitals and to find venture partners like any decent businessman would do. But business aside, he maintains his indomitable love for nature by devoting a lot of time promoting products that are more sustainable and keeps earth green as it should be. In his past time, he becomes a painstakingly idealistic person for thinking how to prevents wars – while taking long walks or just plainly jogging near the bay.

He finished his education in Trinity College and Rensselaer Polytechnic University. After all the education and the work, he sustains his affinity to sports. Now, he chugs words and writes songs as he aspires to become a prolific writer. Following this newfound passion, he actively jots down new American saying for his upcoming book “The Anthology of American Sayings”. And yes, he thinks he can’t survive in a world devoid of ice cream, Blue Mountain coffee, and his Honda Civic.
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