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My Way: One Nurse’s Passion for End of Life
Feb. 1, 2022
Joy Nugent
Digital: Non-fiction: Memoir
This book describes the extraordinary journey of the author who at the age of forty-eight left a comfortable life as the wife of a successful orthodontist to return to the profession of nursing she left when she married and became the mother of four children. Her journey spans many countries and different ways of looking at the spiritual aspects of death and beyond from a non-religious point of view and as a nurse.
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It all began with a midlife crisis at 48. The Australian-born Joy Nugent lived in Canada, Scotland, and London before returning to London as a private nurse. Joy returned to South Australia and married an Australian orthodontist. She began working part-time in her husband's orthodontic practice and playing bridge and golf.
Joy learned of her mother's cancer in Queensland and flew to Queensland for her last week. Joy wished more people could have this glimpse into the world beyond. Inspired by her mother's care, Joy returned to nursing and eventually opened her own private nurse practice. Joy did this for 30 years and is now involved in palliative care education in Australia and Malaysia.
Joy founded Soul Talks Incorporated at the age of 80 to make her work more accessible. The charity's mission is to ease death fears. Years by the bedside taught Joy that death was a portal to another world. In this new perspective, people are seen as souls in bodies rather than souls in bodies. Joy felt reassured as she saw life's events carry on that energy.
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