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YOU WERE MINE FOR A TIME: Four Hot, Steamy short stories to tempt your senses
Feb. 25, 2022
Katie Santee
Fiction: Romance
A book of four erotic short stories.

These four short erotic stories entice grownup ladies into sexual maturation and consciousness about the inner workings of themselves: ​Dr. Kevin, No Name, ​A New Kind of Love, and ​Hot Stuff ​ . The stories reflect the realities of the wild phases of womanhood and the unforeseen twists and turn that break hearts only to strengthen them. Moreover, these love-and-lust-combined stories may help readers discover their sexual limits through the wildest fantasies ever conceived.

Have your fill of intense sensual desire and explore the fantasies that you have yet to unlock by flipping through Katie Santee’s magnetic work You Were Mine for a Time ​ -- now available on Amazon.
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About the Author

Katie Santee is an erotic romance author. She started writing fifteen years ago as a poet, being published with the International Society of Poets several times. She expanded her horizons to short stories. Being an avid reader of erotica, she started writing her own work and had several stories published. Katie has a phenomenal imagination, a desire to please her readers and never loses the need to keep on writing. She's been married for twenty-five years, has two sons, eight grandchildren and two dogs. Katie believes in her motto: May ALL Your Fantasies Come True!!
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