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For The Love of God
Feb. 22, 2022
William Ruffing
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
What if there is a God, a Heaven, and hell?
What if God knew you and loved you so much before He created the world that He lovingly numbered the hairs on your head?
What if God knew the time and place on Earth that it would be most appropriate for you to recognize and accept Him?
What if God loved you so much that He wanted to show you how you could be with Him for all eternity?
What if God loved you so much that He wrote a book to tell you about His love?
What if God still loves you even though you have had bad thoughts and done bad things during your lifetime?
What if God loves you so much that He sent a part of Himself as a man to pay all of the penalty for the sins you have committed that are so repulsive to God?
What if God loves you so much that the man He sent gave up all his rights as God to become the perfect sacrifice for you?
What if God and the man He sent to love you so much that the man almost died from the agony he felt as he thought about being separated from God, but he continued on to his death?
What if God and the man He sent to love you so much that he knowingly accepted a beating that was so injurious to his body that he was not recognizable as a human being, but he did not die because he had not paid your full penalty?
What if God and Jesus love you so much that he has paid all of your penalty and is now the Son of God and God wants you to be His son/daughter for all eternity?
What if you cannot even imagine how much God loves you?
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William K. Ruffing, the author of For the Love of God, shares wonderful teachings from the Bible and directs you with all the what-ifs you have for Him. It is written in order to rekindle everyone’s faith and, ultimately, to seek understanding for all of the questions they have in their minds and hearts. The interesting thing about William Ruffing is that he has a bachelor’s in aeronautical engineering, a master’s in contracts and acquisition management, and an MBA in management. The preceding does not qualify him to write a Bible-based book. Still, his training program has prepared him to examine procedural and substantive texts at great depth and derive the desired interpretation from the printed text. Using this approach, he has read and studied the Bible in great depth, using numerous English versions of the Bible and other Scriptures relevant material to deduce the meaning of all important words.
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