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Walking a Rainbow
Feb. 4, 2022
Michael Shearer
Digital: Non-fiction: General
A father & his young son walk over 500 miles along the Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrimage route across Northern Spain, where both have a great time and experience profound spiritual change. Join Michael & Kes on an unconventional journey of spiritual discovery across Spain, an experience which will shape the rest of their lives. We are introduced to a fascinating cast of characters, plus the odd senorita, sent by a higher power to test the author’s resistance to temptation. The author’s detailed account of the trip, vividly described, can evoke strong emotional reactions - an exciting and life-changing journey for the author & for this reader.
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Michael Shearer was born into a very poor background in London, but still made it to University at York. He subsequently worked at a wide variety of jobs from manual labour and factories to shops and offices, until settling down as a college lecturer in English Literature & Philosophy. An avid book-lover, he has read most of the major philosophers East & West & many of the major figures in English Lit. Always a truth-seeker, not a happiness seeker. He explored all the major religions & many minor ones, some quite weird & cranky, by contacting groups & individuals. Not committed to any of them. Major hobby until recently: long-distance walking.

Michael lives a simple life in a village about 30 miles north of London. He reads, writes, grows vegetables, meditates (and has done for 50 years) & goes down the pub sometimes despite (ironically) troubles in walking nowadays.
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