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Steep Passages: A World-wide Eco-Adventurer Unlocks Nature's Spiritual Truths
Jan. 27, 2022
David Lee Drotar
Non-fiction: Narrative
"Life's transitions are sometimes icy, often scary. The more we think about them, the more difficult they seem," writes David Lee Drotar in this collection of penetrating essays. Where others may see only trees or waterfalls, Drotar sees broader psychological, social and sometimes political implications in the outdoor adventures he pursues.

Steep Passages skillfully draws parallels between the natural world and the people who are finding their way through it. Whether describing the unusual reproductive mechanisms of lizards in the Galapagos Islands, dialoging with French teenagers about American television, or chronicling his September 11 experiences on the Rideau canal in Canada, Drotar's engaging stories yield surprise and meaning around every bend in the trail.

At a time when we're all less sure about where our lives are headed, Steep Passages takes us on a literary journey that is destined to become a classic of modern nature writing. From the ski slopes of New England to the mountain bazaars of Africa, Drotar weaves powerful sensory images, history and metaphor in an almost mystical narrative that crosses all cultural boundaries and captures the essence of what it means to be human.

Steep Passages is used in programs at the following universities:

* Stanford University
Recommended reading for recipients of the Beagle II Award, a scientific discovery and exploration program.

* Syracuse University
Assigned reading and discussion in environmental writing course in College of Arts & Sciences.

* University of Colorado Boulder
Assigned reading in course within creative writing program.
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Film, television, audio, foreign English language, foreign translation
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Nice, steady sales. Second printing 2021.
David Drotar
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