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Greasy Slide Down
Feb. 25, 2022
Kenneth (Ken) Obenski
Non-fiction: Biography
A fifty-year adventure exploring the relationship between the author and his motorcycle-centered environment. Mysteries are solved and mysteries to be solved.
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Ken Obenski, P.E., was the president and principal engineer of John Fiske Brown Associates. This consulting engineering firm specialized in failure analysis and traffic accident reconstruction. He was qualified over 100 times by state and federal courts as an expert in the area of traffic accident reconstruction. Mr. Obenski and his former partner, John Fiske Brown, wrote Forensic Engineering Reconstruction of Accidents, considered by many to be a fundamental text in that area. He has also published additional technical books, particularly Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction, for many years the only text dedicated to the subject. He has ridden motorcycles over 500,000 miles under a wide range of conditions and reconstructed over 2,000 traffic accidents, including over 275 motorcycle accidents.

Ken also invented the patented Allett Wallet, the world's thinnest “Worlds thinnest wallet”.
His wife Cindy joined him racing their Thistle sailboat.

He retired to Hawaii where he has served on various traffic safety councils to promote concepts that work for all, not just feel good for special interests.
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