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Perfect Company II: Jesus Made Me a Saint
Feb. 22, 2022
Gloria Divine
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
In 2006, Jesus began encouraging author Gloria Divine to write and to share her personal encounters with Him and with the saints in her everyday life. Perfect Company II, her second book in this series, is a continuation of that effort. She describes her personal experiences with the supernatural and her everyday life with Jesus and church. Gloria explores various religious topics, seeking to explain certain factors to those who might be unsuspecting and commenting on aspects of spiritual life that are ignored or taken for granted. She also hopes to encourage those who are not religious to take their spirituality seriously and to offer guidance to those seeking to overcome the works of the evil one. Life does not stop after death, and not everything viewed with the eye is reality. In this personal narrative and testimonial, one woman presents a continuing account of her spiritual life and encounters over the years.
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Gloria Divine is a nurse who was busy living her life when disaster struck. Having dealt with this change through the unprecedented help of God, she now pays much more attention to spiritual matters. At present she works part time as a nurse and her main goal is to make Christ known. Gloria currently lives in New South Wales, Australia.
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