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You Will - Memoirs of a Loving Father
Feb. 25, 2022
Frank J. Melero Jr.
Digital: Non-fiction: Memoir
My book offers inspiration to its readers via my journey into the unknown and how my faith, love, and thirst for life were made stronger because of it. My book identifies and expresses what I’ve learned in dealing with the exhausting struggles of the death of my best friend and cousin at a very young age, a very publicized mugging and near-death experience (via the start of the Amber Alert), and a very serious motorcycle accident which resulted in a traumatic brain injury, extensive nerve damage and other bodily injuries.
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I’m a proud and loving father of two mighty fine children – Isabella Mia Melero (now 10) and Francisco J. Melero #3 (6). I also happen to have a pretty big crush on my lovely wife Elsa Melero (nope on age). I love all things music, motors and outdoors & sports related.
I also happen to be an avid subscriber of all things hope, love and grace inspired – and how these things (or stories involving them) never die.
Diana Appleseed
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