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“Show and Tell” Reveal the Unknown” ‘The Best Seed’
Feb. 25, 2022
Dr. Mary Neal
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
"Show and Tell": Reveal the Unknown "The Best Seed" Go and tell the truth is a powerful account that instills wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and trust by understanding the reality of God the Father, the reality of His Son Yeshua-Yahushua (Jesus), the reality of the Comforter-Holy Ghost-Ruach HaKodesh and the impacts They have on human lifestyles if believed, received and obeyed.

Biblical Truth: Returning to Yeshua teaching and what is Written according to the Holy Scriptures and never going beyond, because if anyone does, they are without God, only those who remains faithful and true to what the Son of God the Messiah (Christ) taught, have “Both the Father and His Son” according to the written Word. (2 John 1:9-11)
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Dr. Mary Neal is an awesome woman of God. Most of her days are spent tirelessly pursuing the Word of God and helping to save souls. She never ceases to amaze the people around her because she pours out every bit of her soul into others. I thank God for this spiritual leader because every day, she strives to make it better, and she does make a difference in the world. She will tell the world it is not about her but her Heavenly Father’s business; not her will but His will be done.
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