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Maryam: Survival Instruction
Jan. 17, 2022
Daniyar Kuantkanov
Fiction: General/Other
The novel narrates about the fate of the author’s ancestors. It tells us in the engaging fiction form about the people of war generation of the first part of the XX century on the territory of the USSR.
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Daniyar Kuantkanov was born in Kazakhstan. Following his parents’ advice obtained a degree in economics in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 1996. Later he realized that his heart was set on creativity. It helped him in the business activities later, and work as a host on television and a director only made his belief that he had to fulfill the creative purpose in his life stronger. A few years ago, after deep thinking and revealing his heart anew, he started writing. The debut book became “Maryam: Survival Instruction”, which he wrote in 2019.
Now he continues writing unable to resist his bubbling thoughts and emotions. Daniyar’s moto: “It is better to dash into the epicenter of events riding a horse, rather than regret later that you had not enough courage to give it a try in the new conditions!”
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