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I Lost 140 Pounds in a Year
Jan. 10, 2022
Tim Weiss
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This is a story on how Tim Weiss lost 140 pounds in a year. It’s a lifestyle change book. People get overweight by what they eat and how they eat. This book shows people how to eat normally and loose weight. The book shows people 32 recipes to give them an idea on what to cook and how to cook it. Its very easy to loose weight if you learn how to eat properly.
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Tim Weiss grew up playing lots of sports. He was very fit and healthy for many years. When he was 29 he suffered a major injury and had to give up all sport. From then on his lifestyle changed and he began eating poorly. He gained weight and kept gaining weight. For 26 years Tim Weiss was overweight. He eventually ended up weighing 25 stones (350 pounds) He then decided to do something about it. He did research on weight loss and discovered a good way of losing weight whilst eating normally. But he had to change the way he was eating and had to change what he had to eat. After this change he lost 140 pounds in a year. He carried on with his diet for 3 months after the 1 year. He ended up losing 175 pounds. So in just over 1 year he lost half his body weight by eating normally. Now he wants to help others to loose weight.
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