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Jan. 2, 2022
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Shel was a friend and colleague. I edited a book of his called Three Eyes. We worked and walked and talked in Greenwich Village of the 80's-'90s. This book is the result. #1 Amazon digital. Shel was kind enough to write. "He's (myself) just craxy enough. He knows his craft. He knows his people. He gets in, tell his story and gets out. It's what good writing should be."

"What an interesting book this is, both in form and content. This is not the Silverstein of his books for children (or whatever someone may have imagined aboutthat author) but a mature man with other interests, ideas, and preoccupations. I found that really refreshing. What emerges from this peripatetic portrait is aparticular writer (who is particularly famous) in a particular time in a particularplace (NYC's West Village), seen from a particular point of view (Valerio's.) Thereview about how little time it took to read is sort of curious. Don't people read(and walk, as in the title) at different rates? There's something very lyrical aboutthis prose that I actually stopped along the way more than I might have if I were,say, reading for the plot. I really liked that this was a respectful, adult vision.--Professor E. V. Nerenberg

A Great Nostalgic Trip to New York with Valerio and Shel Silverstein
Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2020
Valerio's voice is unique, and reflects the cityscape he describes in this "walk" with Silverstein. About midway through the book, Shel provides a "blurb" for one of Valerio's books that, to me, seemed like a perfect description of this charming promenade. (You'll have to read this; and see the original note). One can't help but be nostalgic with the author for an earlier era (nostalgic for certain things, not Aids or orgies). I couldn't help but think, in reading this, that there was a flavor to NYC that seems duller now....but is totally present in Valerio's writing. The writing transports and provides welcome oasis these days!
JJ Renkin

Playboy cartoonist, beloved children's books author, Grammy award winningsongwriter, poet laureate of the post-counterculture, Shel Silverstein was perhapsAmerica's last Renaissance man. Anthony Valerio, prose painter of many intimate,dazzling, baroque portraits of great Italians and great Americans, famous and not,turns his brush to Silverstein. From Valerio's canvas jumps forth to readers an artist, a time and a friendship. Avoiding the one single human emotion that wasanathema to Shel--sentimentality--Valerio evokes the hedonism, disillusion andhumanity of 70s-80s Greenwich Village. A moving account of the joys of making art,making conversation, and making love, Valerio bears testament to a great artist anda great friend.--John McCormack, Professor - U of Chicago --This text refers to the paperback edition.
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Anthony Valerio is an author, editor and teacher. He has published 12 books of fiction & non-fiction. His latest is BEFORE THE SIDEWALK ENDED: A WALK WITH SHEL SILVERSTEIN. His books include SEMMELWEIS, the Women's Doctor; IMMIGRANTS, according to Anthony Valerio; Conversation with Johnny; Dante in Love, The Mediterranean Runs Through Brooklyn; The Little Sailor, BART: A Life of A. Bartlett Giamatti; Anita Garibaldi: a Biography; Toni Cade Bambara's One Sicilian Night;John Dante's Inferno, a Playboy's Life; His stories have appeared in the Paris Review and his work has been anthologized by The Viking Press, Random House and William Morrow. Mr. Valerio has taught at New York University, The City University of New York and Wesleyan University. He is a member of the Authors Guild.

Anthony Valerio
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