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It's All Connected (Poetry Book)
Jan. 17, 2022
Missee Nelligan
Non-fiction: General/Other
The love of nature and our world; seeing things a bit differently seems to inspire others. Passionate about the life and encouraging people to see their inner beauty. Words that touch deep within, and every day in a different way. Photography and poetry which seems to draw the reader in.
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Missee Nelligan is young at heart and mind, and she believes she's an old soul. An easy-going and down-to-earth woman, imperfect with the biggest smile. She loves photography and seeing new things and looking past what everyone sees. She sees beauty. Then it's like words jump out of her. It's what she sees which inspires her. It's what she hears that turns her head. She looks to the sky at night as it is ever-changing, she looks to nature every opportunity, she looks to the sea as that really grabs her and she looks at people - this is where she can see beyond the exterior as people shine in their beautiful way.
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