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Man, The Homecoming King
Jan. 17, 2022
M. R. Darhaman
Fiction: General/Other
Princess Anis sighed her relief when her men gave up the chase. She was now safe from the hands of Tengku As. She was a free woman. She was free to choose her wish of her life. There shouldn’t be anybody to force her to do anything against her wish. She was indebted to the help of Captain Man.They had been sailing for two hours. There was no sign of any ship tailing them. Captain Man was sitting on the bench on the deck of the ship. While sitting next to him was Princess Anis. Discretely Captain Man brought something from behind his back and gave it Princess Anis. She was taken by surprise to see a glittering diamond studded necklace in front of her.
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M.R. DARHAMAN was born in Kuching, Sarawak in 1967. He was educated in English Medium schools until he graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield, U.K. He is a consultant in the field of Occupational Safety and Health. He is blessed with a happy family of a wife, one son and two daughters, residing in Dream Hill Villa in Kota Samarahan, Sarawak. One of his passions is writing materials which will give his readers beneficial insights which are inspiring and entertaining.
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