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Death Ball
Feb. 24, 2022
Edmond Rogers (Eddie Ruzzi)
Digital: Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Death Ball can be considered a hybrid of stories like; The Hunger Games, Star Wars and Running Man. The novel includes facets of all three major dramatic themes including; Man versus Man, Man versus the Elements and Man versus Himself.

In this science fiction novel, a framed and imprisoned war hero must participate in a deadly competition in order to clear his name and reclaim his life. Tosin Luval, once a distinguished officer in the System Guard, the military force overseeing law and order in a binary star system named Rey-Lin is amazed by how quickly and completely his life has changed. Set up to take the fall by corrupt politicians on the High Council who have been bribed by an evil crime lord named Maytor Dax, he has been sentenced to life on the prison moon of Drotham while his wife and child have been kidnapped. His only option is to play a potentially fatal game to win his freedom. With help from some convicted teammates, the pilot must compete against other ships to drop a metal sphere into the nulling ring. But the ball is a bomb and they have a limited window before it explodes and kills them all. Only time will tell if Tosin and can survive the game, prove his innocence, then get his life and family back.
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Eddie Ruzzi is a writer, musician and producer originally from Atlantic City, New Jersey, now living in Los Angeles California. He studied at Interlochen Arts Academy and Berklee College of Music. Eddie currently works as a sound editor for TV and Film. Along with a soon to be released CD, this is the first in a series of novels and screenplays that he is involved in.
Diana Appleseed
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