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999: There is something wrong with the system
Feb. 24, 2022
Andy Rouse
Digital: Non-fiction: General
This book reveals the true nature of events taking place within the national healthcare service, mental health service, and social care service in the United Kingdom. The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the serious problems caused by the failing system.
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I am a musician, composer, poetry writer, truth seeker, author, and student of the mystic arts including shamanism, earth energies, and meditation. My childhood was spent exploring the New Forest in Hampshire and I have a passion for the environment and natural therapy. We have to reconnect with the higher self and spiritual energy which is part of our ancient wisdom and sacred mysticism and rediscover the lost arts of healing and medicine. I spent a year living in Gambia studying traditional music and local culture and after 25 years of learning and performing West African percussion and drumming, I have discovered a deep rooted connection between music and medicine.
Diana Appleseed
The Regency Publishers
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