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UNIMAGINED Trilogy: The Perfect Gentleman ... The Imperfect Gentleman ... The Gentle Man ...
Nov. 26, 2021
Imran Ahmad
International rights: Non-fiction
"It is brilliant ..." Dr Jane Goodall in the New York Times (October 14, 2021)

"Yes, you can laugh while having your consciousness raised … this memoir proves it."
O, The Oprah Magazine (No 1 in ‘10 Titles to Pick Up Now’)

"If you read nothing else this year, discover this book."
New York Journal of Books

"A feminist and a peacemaker ... impatient for the sequel." Maclean's magazine, Canada

Selected in ‘Best Books of the Year’ lists of:
Guardian, Independent, Sydney Morning Herald, Belfast Telegraph

The first book is a genuinely mass-market read – using memoir as a vehicle for observation and reflection on multiple topics: religion, race, culture, relationships, fundamentalism, sociology, philosophy, theology, modern history, the evolution of British society in the late 20th Century. The breadth and depth of the acclaim for 'The Perfect Gentleman' across all spectrums (political, cultural, religious, social etc) is truly extraordinary. But, as The Book Magazine observed: “There’s more to it than meets the eye … this Trojan horse of a book.” The second book, 'The Imperfect Gentleman', is a transition book with compelling, gut-wrenching honesty and a jaw-dropping story line (very much concerned with success, happiness, hypocrisy and authenticity in the material world). The third book, 'The Gentle Man', arrives firmly in the transcendent-of-religion Mind-Body-Spirit domain, with its reflections on (and experiences of) Karma, Universal Conciousness and Quantum Physics. But the trilogy remains readable, humorous, enjoyable and engaging narrative non-fiction throughout – with astonishing story arcs that span decades. (And 'trilogy' may not be the correct term, if a trilogy must be limited to three books.)
Rights available:
All global rights (all territories, all languages) are available for all books of the Unimagined trilogy. Seeking Agent and/or Editor/Publisher.
Rights sold:
Originally, Center Street of Hachette had all global rights, and produced two print runs of the US hardback of the first book of the trilogy. The imprint then had a very signficant strategic change of direction, to only Conservative books: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/07/business/media/hachette-book-group-trump.html No mass-market paperback was published. No UK edition was published. No foreign language editions were published. All rights were reverted to the author in 2019. He has now drafted the sequel, and the third book is in progress.
Other Information:
The full story can be read here, in this literary, immersive 'Proposal':

A fully detailed proposal PDF document (with all data, acclaim, history, plans) is available on request.
Imran Ahmad
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