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Degrees of Success
Feb. 23, 2022
Claudia Fox
Digital: Non-fiction: Advice
This book offers inspirational and motivating stories from average and not-so-average people who have become successful without a college degree as well as suggestions for finding one’s passion and earning a living doing it.
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Claudia Fox, a Certified International Coach, has climbed the ladder to success without a college degree and offers a unique perspective to her coaching as a result of overcoming her struggles. She offers a ground up point of view, imparting her wisdom to everyone she works with. Fox is a one-on-one coach, group trainer, and executive coach. She focuses on individuals who want to find their passion and helps them make money doing it. She always gets results! She started her career in real estate as an agent and became a broker in 1980. She sold million-dollar apartments in New York City, then managed several offices for prestigious real estate companies and then became a corporate trainer for a large real estate company. Along the way she did volunteer work for Boys & Girls Clubs and brought Prepared 4 Life’s “Lemonade Day” (CBS promotional spot can be viewed by searching the internet for CBS/LemonadeDay/Claudia Fox) from Houston, TX, to New York, NY, to teach young adults to become entrepreneurs. Claudia has been volunteering her time to teach recovering women at a shelter in Connecticut about finances in her spare time. She has a coaching business which can be seen on her website www.thefoxwayworks.com.

Since some of the young people and adults she has coached have addictions, she is working on her Recovery Coach certification which will be completed by the end of 2020. She always wants to find the best way to coach her clients and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure she can coach them appropriately.

Claudia has been interviewed on many local radio shows. She produced and co-hosted two White Plains cable access TV shows called “Get a Job” and ``Turn Your Passion into Profit”.

Claudia lived and worked in New York City for over twenty years until she became a single mom who raised her son, Ryan (35 years old) in Tenafly, New Jersey.

Claudia plans to promote her book in the trenches and on social media. She will volunteer to do a PowerPoint presentation to Boys & Girls Clubs, trade schools, high schools, churches and libraries and social media where she has a large following.
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