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Female Reproductive System & Herbal Healing vs. Prescription Drugs and Their Side Effects
Feb. 23, 2022
Chela Ram Bathija, M.H, R.H (AHG)
Non-fiction: Health/Medicine
This book enlightens and empowers readers to better understand the common ailments about the female reproductive system and how to manage their female health issues in an affordable way through ancient wisdom and alternative approach and minimizing the side effects of prescription drugs.
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Chela Ram is familiar with both treatment systems (Alternative and conventional). The author speaks English, Persian, Pashtu, Urdu, Hindi, and Spanish. About 80 percent of his regular clients are Latinos.
Belonging to a family who love to grow the herbal plants, he has developed a pure nourishing and healing nature that has helped him in learning more about herbal medicine.
Chela Ram has earned a master’s degree in herbal health. After 14 years of herbal practice- and consulting about 1,250 clients with different health ailments- author took the American Herbalist Guild test, and was honored to become a registered herbalist, RH (AHG) in the United States. At present he has consulted and cured about 5,040 cases of which 45 percent (total 2,268) cases consist of female population and about 1,700 cases have referred for female health issues.
Author has extensive medical experience with different health issues in Asia and the United States in the past 41 years.
This experience has enabled Chela Ram to adopt a strong belief system with herbal cure. The author wants to address in this book how female health can be managed in an affordable and safer way by preparing herbal teas, tinctures, and decoctions at home and changing their lifestyle with a little guidance about the herbs.
The author has extended educational background in Pediatrics, Psychology, mental disorders, Public health, and Herbalism. The author has worked with children, geriatrics, inmates, individuals with drugs and alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety disorders, menopausal and sexually transmitted diseases which will direct and give the best decision making skills to someone who comes for health related assistance.
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