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Updated Chronology of the Bible
Feb. 22, 2022
Anthony Lyle
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
This book offers the Christian valuable assurances of the Bible’s validity as a Word of God, true not only in the moral lessons, but as a valuable chronology of the events of the Bible.
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Anthony Lyle is a published author with 9 books to his credit, 6 of those surrounding the chronology of the Bible and interpreting the Bible. The chronology is a work of over 25 years in the making doing intense research into archaeology, geology, cosmology, quantum physics, and many other seemingly unrelated subjects. The Bible is teeming with events that are affected by these sciences. Then of course, there is the direct research of ancient historians; Greek, Chinese, Babylonian, Indian, Egyptian, Phoenician, Roman, Hebrew, and English.

Anthony has a minor degree in Family and Marriage Counseling and a B.S in Computer Sciences from Boise State University in Boise, Idaho. He makes his living as a computer programmer, first in the basic programming languages and then moving on to database knowledge. Currently retired, he worked at multiple companies dealing with statistical data and information gathering and reporting technology.

Anthony has 2 natural children, and 4 step-children, along with 12 grandchildren. Married 3 times, he counts the 3rd marriage as the cream of the crop. His 2 natural children occurred during the first marriage. Widowed now, he lives alone and maintains a small web page about his books and giving messages of hope.
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