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Yumi's Lover
Nov. 15, 2021
Yi Seoyeong
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
An anthem for those who love and fight with all their hearts.
A hymn for all the strong-weak in the world.

Author Lee Seoyoung is one of the major pillars of Korean social science fiction. Simply put, this is a social romance science-fiction. If you are looking for sweet romance, you’d better pick out this book. At the same time, if you know that battle is an inevitable part of life, you should also pick out this book. This is a woman writer who loves and fights with all her heart.

# the episode “Yumi’s Lover”
Yumi and Junghoon have been in a relationship for several years. Around the 7th year of their relationship, Yumi decides to depart to the universe. For exploration. Junghoon would be left behind on the Earth. And once departing, the people in space and on the Earth cannot communicate directly. Thus Junghoon has to meet Yumi’s hologram, made through mind-uploading technology which uploads one’s brain. Junghoon asserts that the mind-uploaded Yumi is not a ‘real’ Yumi. Anyway, he keeps talking, fighting, laughing and crying with the hologram of Yumi. When Junghoon becomes too old to move, the hologram Yumi suggests that he copies the hologram. Soon after, Junghoon decides to mind-upload himself as well, in order to meet ‘real’ Yumi across space. Before sending his mind-uploaded data to real Yumi, Junghoon askes one thing to the hackers: to hide the copied hologram Yumi’s data within his own data. Their data merges well as if they are one. Then, at the speed of the light, their data - probably that of Yumi’s lover - are sent to Yumi, far far away in space.

# the episode "Guideline"
Lee has had a normal life. Until he encounters guildeline.com. He is not supposed to enter such a website, a marketplace of freelance workers detecting errors from artificial intelligence. Lee needs help, for he is about to be punished for alleged workplace harassment, according to the AI manual in his company. Lee starts chatting with one of the freelance workers, nicknamed Fall. Fall is well aware of Lee’s company and even of Lee’s personal information. As the conversation continues, Lee discovers that Fall was the victim of sexual violence from Lee’s friend in the university. And also the fact that Lee has spread the rumor that Fall is such a slutty girl who would sleep with anybody. It is a fact that Lee barely remembers, as it was not a great deal to him at the moment as well as at the present. However, it WAS a great deal to Fall. And Fall could not have a ‘normal’ life since that violence. Now Fall declared that she would not help Lee. Moreover, Fall would manipulate the AI manual so that Lee would experience the same agony as Fall has experienced for years as a way of his punishment. Then the chatting with Fall quickly finishes, and a notice mail from the punishment committee arrives in Lee’s mailbox simultaneously.

1. Sensitive
2. Relief Request
3. For Lobo
4. Yumi’s Lover
5. The Tail Has Bones
6. Pit-a-pat Daily Practice Log
7. Guideline
8. Once We Were Gods
9. As Long As You Remember Me
10. God Saw That It Was Bad
11. A Part of the Whole
12. The Taste of Vintage
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Winner of 2020 SF Novel & Novella Award
2020 SF Novel & Novella Award-winning story “Guideline” included
Toni Kim
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