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To My Roommate, From Beyond Your Orbit
Nov. 15, 2021
Jeon Samhye
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
In a world about to be hit by an asteroid, the talented students of the Genesis School try to protest what really matters to their very last breath.

"You were my world, and so I give you, too, a world.”

This is a record of a love that will survive.

To My Roommate, from Beyond Your Orbit is a novel sequence consisting of several episodes with respective protagonists.

From the depths of space, an asteroid is headed to annihilate Earth’s ecosystem and wipe out civilization. The Genesis Corporation, created to select and train the most talented orphans in the world into preventing global tragedies such as this, try their best to change the route of the meteor but fail.

The children of Genesis have no parents or guardians. No one waits for them outside the school, and everything they care for has to be found within the walls of the Corporation. They are trying their best to protect the world from destruction, for this world contains their most ordinary lives, their most precious people, and the future of the adults they wanted to become.

One Saturday, Lia Yu, a student in Aeronautical Repairs, witnesses Earth’s atmosphere go up in a cloud of black smoke while on a business trip to the moon. Six months of watching the cloud pass before someone sends her a message from the surface.

“We admit that it will be difficult. And there is criticism that using resources that could benefit many to save just one person is a waste. But you, Lia, was someone Genesis came together to save by sending to the moon. We are coming to get you.”

This testimonial of the end becomes a story of miracles. A miracle made possible as the orbits of those who love each other manage to overlap in a fateful moment. And these marginalized people’s endeavor gives power to the people left behind, so that they could save others in turn. Even if our individual loves are never recorded in history, this novel shows such love still manages to last in the end. Like the surface of the moon in the first story, this novel is a record of the children who are “outside of our orbit” of the ordinary. And their story, like anything on the moon, shall never be weathered away. For even with the destruction of the planet, we went to the moon to bring our farthest survivor home. For she, too, was someone’s world.

So this is, in the end, a record of solidarity between those who refuse to let go of each other to the very end, the chronicles of a love that will never disappear, even as the world ends.
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