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Light on a Running Horse
Nov. 15, 2021
Park Moon-Young
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
“The warmest flashback is served for you.”
Glittering and warm voice on icy and cruel story on life and death.
Do all humans worth being respected? Does everyone deserve the rights of death with dignity? A fiction containing hot potatoes and female solidarity. Tension-growing scenes are densely proposed from the very first chapter. In the future world where death with dignity is fully legalized. The government associated ‘Light on a Running Horse’ provides services for people to die in their desired scene, beyond the boundaries of current space and time. Contrary to the announcement that an individual can die in one’s happiest moment, one participant had a stroke and goes into a coma while processing death. From that moment, the entire story begins. It is simply the trivial happiness that one pursuits, even the person who has experienced extreme misfortune. Cold-blooded narratives in a warm and sweet tone.
The novel which urges readers to face their own death, and eventually, to reflect on life itself.
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Recommended by Kim Bo-Young, a bestselling novelist
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